Jan 16, 2011

A love to last

"John it's here", the lady said. The old man,using his walking cane, got up and the old lady took the former's arm. She looked at me smiling and I smiled back. They got in the bus,holding onto each other. This got me thinking but it felt good to see old couple like them, when during these past two days I was confronted with three different realities of a relationship. Seeing them made me wonder about the patience, understanding and love they have given each other. Wait!! I was supposed to write --put up with each other. But if they merely put up with each other would contentment be on the woman's face?

The three other stories might not turn out like the old couple's but each woman has also given patience,understanding and love.

So when to stay and not give up on love?

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Dea said...

wonderful story.... Mayet,
forever together... :)

nuts said...

it really inspire me seeing the same scene, a couple still in love after all those years..

che said...

nice post, dear! have a great week ahead.

Nielz said...

Hello Ate Mayet..

May nabasa ako dati, there was once a couple daw, and on their 50th anniv, a grandson asked them..

"What's the secret to your married life granma?"

Grandma said, "On our first wedding night, I wrote on a paper a list of mistakes and faults that I will forgive him at. From then on, whenever he does something bad, I say, good thing that's on that list. Truth is, it's just a blank paper."

Siguro the secret to a lasting love is total trust and forgiveness, and hope that things will get better. :D

Stay happy and God bless! :D

Dressing Up For Me said...

When the other one´s willing to stay with you too despite all the challenges and heartaches. ;)

I´ve seen old couples like that here too and they even kiss in public, isn´t that sweet?

Cecile said...

love that short story :-); thanks for sharing!

thomas said...

true love is a love that last till old age,one that i am sure is full of patience,understanding and contentment with each other,
one that eluded me.

mona said...

How i wish all relationship end up together forever

Krincess Carl said...

Hello Mayet! Thanks for visiting in My Regency blog. i really appreciate it. :)

By the way, the story is inspiring. Keep up the nice posts.

♥peachkins♥ said...

Good morning!

genny said...

nice article mayet, feels good after reading it. thanks for dropping by at my blog. cheers!

Hi I'm ROY said...

great post... very inspiring.

eden said...

What an inspiring story! I have seen old couple like that too. True love never ends.

Thank you for the visit.

Dhemz said...

I admire old couple walking hand in hand together...sana kami din...ehhehehe! thanks for sharing....:)