Jan 18, 2011

The quest for a flatter stomach

I don't want to have any more excuses coz it's so frustrating to not being able to get into my favorite shirt and look well on it. I have to do it now and be kind to myself. The rice bingeing and junk food galore should be ceased. No more excuse of needing more energy coz of the girls. I can get energy from other food sources, I know that it's just that I haven't been firm on my self.And besides, my youngest is already 1 1/2 years old, she's not breastfeed anymore. This is the time to do it, the bulges are enough to keep me motivated coz I don't want them anymore.

Wish me luck,please!!

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lina@women's perspectives said...

Wish you luck, Mayet...in fact, I have the same quest :)

genny said...

good luck on your quest Mayet. we do have the same quest, good luck too us. cheers!

Dhemz said...

arggghhh...I've been wanting to get rid of my bulges...oh boy oh boy! ang hirap...hehehee....good luck sis!

Life Moto said...

you need diet :) salamat sa bisita mayet.

mona said...

pare pareho ata tayo ng gusto goodluck sa atin ;)

renz bacani ginez said...


Dea said...

:) goodluck sister.... may ur dream come true

chubskulit said...

Hi Mayet, thanks for dropping by. Hubby blames rice for gaining weight too as we eat rice almost everyday here in our abode. I can't live without rice lol but I am not into junk foods maybe that is why I stay slim, but of course may bilbil pa din kahit skinny lol.

I am now following you. Feel free to follow any of my blogs, mwah! Glad you came by.

eden said...

Good luck, Mayet. I have bulges too that I wanted to get rid but with junk foods always in the house, it is too hard..ehehe

Ria said...

Hay naku, why is this quest ever elusive?!? Ang hirap ma-achieve... I've been trying to lose the flabs for the past 4 years with no success. I'd lose it and gain it twice as much. Kakapagod na routine and not healthy too. The success stories from family and friends I know revolves on these 2: proper eating habits and good/regular exercise.

Let's do it!