Feb 14, 2011

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... (or something like that)

I love thee when you keep
the radio's volume soft,
when you arrange your school
papers in a neat stack.

I love thee when you take
the empty bottles down the garbage,

I love thee when you remember
that Wednesday is the paper day
and when you empty your ashtray.

I love thee when you
leave the kitchen table clean
and when you wipe the spilt coffee
from our just washed kitchen sink.

I love thee when you put
your clothes in the washing,
when you dry your feet before
going out the bathroom after bathing.

I love thee when you keep
your shoes in the shoe rack
and when you put things back

I love thee when you keep
the bar spic and span
and when you close the cupboard
when you get what you want.

I love thee even when I am out of breath,
taking the stairs with baby K in my arms,
smile... this I ought not to forget
for wrinkles appear every now and then.

So remember dear, I truly love thee...
sometimes I just don't want to count the ways :)

reprinted from Jan 5, 2009 blog post

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rjs mama said...

lovely poem. perfect in reminding about household rules discreetly (?)

happy heart's day =)

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