Feb 20, 2011

Life as I imagine

What will you do if you end up in a chalet, where you wake up every morning with the view of snow-capped mountain, the fire place filled with burning wood keeps you warm. All the while you wait for your hot chocolate to cool a bit, you munch on your buttered baguette and you smile thinking how life can be this awfully good!

Yeah, but wait till the kids wake up--all 9 of them.

This is what awaits me and the rest of 4 couples for our week-long vacation. Wish us luck;)

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Nonoy said...

Hehe. Wish you luck Mayet. You must have a very beautiful place there. :-)

gingerSnap said...

Enjoy your holiday!

helen said...

have a happy trip ate mayet! :)

Ronster said...

hahaha. kids destroy the view huh..hahaha