Apr 12, 2011

Morning and catepillar

First, I thought it was a 2-inch brown snake-- slowly crawling away from the road. As I approach, I realized that it was actually a long line of 24 caterpillars (yes, I counted them!) attached to each other. This is one of those frustrating moments wherein I want to kick myself for not bringing my camera.

No one saw it, aside from a couple of guys who maybe asked themselves what I was staring at. Then I made my way to the bus stop but not taking my eyes off these creatures. I got worried that they might be crushed by a pair of nike or some wedges. Then my fear turned into reality. I wanted to scream --HALT!! but it was too late. A pair of bike wheels was the culprit with the rider oblivious to what just had happened.

Whew, what a way to start the day!

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carinamodella said...

oo nga sayang walang picture :)
and super ingat next time sis...hope everything is fine.

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lina@happy family said...

24 caterpillars that attached each other? Wow, it wasn't a common view at all. And their life was very short also...

between 7 and 9 said...

Ohhhh I wish I was there to see the string of them. I would love to see something amazing like this. Not see the end of them :( Thanks for sharing.

sunshine said...

poor caterpillars :(
anyway,that pic u commented on was taken at dakak beach resort :)

Kim, USA said...

Wow that is pretty long and for caterpillar to do that? I know it's frustrating if we see something unique and pretty and we forgot to bring our camera, hehe!!

eden said...

Wow, that was an amazing sight. Sayang di mo nakuhaan ng pic. But di bali, who knows someday you get another chance to see like that again.

angelfem11 said...

oh my, im afraid of caterpillars!! seriously, i get the feeling that they crawl through my skin..i guess im the only one who's happy that u didnt have ur camera with you that day..but thanks for the lovely morning story..:)

kcatwoman said...

that's too sad for the caterpillars. however that's an unusual thing to see a line of them