May 24, 2012

Salad Party

A family of slug is partying on my salad patch and they are having a blast. I, on the other hand, am not invited and am furious. The salad leaves are all wiped out save from the ones in the container.

They usually come after the rain and in the early morning. Or maybe they start at night. I don't know. What I know for sure is that my salad patch ceased to be one.

MIL suggested that I use a kind of repellent--blue granules that should be put strategically around the garden where they feast. I'm still thinking about that until the moment I find a more natural way of keeping these slugs away from my garden. Any suggestion?

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Sam D. said...

Well, there's a chemical that you can buy that totally makes them go away but if you prefer to use a home remedy one. My hubby told me you can use beer and it's very effective. YOu need a bowl and bury it to the dirt level to the ground then put beer when the slug smells it they go to that bowl and they get drowned.

Dave DeWall said...

You can always throw salt on them, Missus. But the beer idea sounds better, but maybe you should use some San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Red Horse might knock them out before they get a chance to drown.

Adin B said...

You can always research online to find natural ways to keep them out of your garden. Ours are a family of bunnies feasting in our garden. Well, we just let them be. They seem to be working on eating the broccoli and so far I got one bunch of broccoli out from the garden. hahaha.... hope you get rid of them!

thomas said...

i found some useful tips in the net How to get rid of snails

aian said...

grabe! ang bad ng slugs!

roffe said...

Fortunately, no snail in my garden..

joy said...

Alam mo problema din Namin dito yan. Kaya me and my hubby ay namumulot nyan at well i cut then in two. Tapos may panlason dito na binibigay to mix with the dead slugs para pag kinain ng mga buhay ay mamatay din sila. And you know what? That love to eat dandelions too

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

aww sayang naman, isa lang talaga natira? i envy that you have an actual salad garden :)