May 17, 2012

Smoothies part 2

This is a mixture of oatmeal, fruits, frozen berries and kale. Really nutritious...

I don't know why my girls don't like either green or brown color. For example, as they prefer red and pink m & ms and smarties they leave the other colors for me or their father--the green and brown ones,of course. They are in the stage where just about anything pink is so pretty and so cool. Though I manage to entice Karen to eat green veggies because she wants to grow tall just like her (cousin) ate Chi.

Wanting to vary their breakfast and keeping in mind their love for something pink,I decided to prepare smoothies for them. The first two days with oatmeal, fruits and frozen berries then with leafy greens--prepared in a nice glass. But the strawberries and butterflies didn't work. My girls didn't like this funny looking green thing aka green smoothies.

Well, back to pink smoothies then.

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Marco | The Soul Explorer said...

maybe because it's not attracted to their eyes. :D

joy said...

Ang bait Mo naman na mommy:)

anney said...

Di man lang ba nila tinikman? Type ko yung glass ang cute!

aian said...

natawa naman ako, kahit sa mnm eh ayaw nilang green and brown haha. baka may nafeefeel silang kakaiba kapag nakakakita ng green or brown na food/