May 6, 2012


It was before leaving for the Philippines last year with my two daughters that I have discovered smoothies through the book I have purchased entitled "The Abs Diet for Women" by David Zinczenko. I originally saw an article in Men's Health about this. My eagerness to have a flat stomach has been fueled by a former classmate's comment where he saw me with bulging stomach-- it was a year after a gave birth to my youngest daughter.

Coupled with brisk walking and a fervent desire to fit on my favorite white top, I prepared smoothies every morning, brisk walked and ate salad in the evening. And yes, after two months I lost the bulge.

The holiday 2011 was spent with fun,family and food!! Lots of food. I have forgone having smoothies and instead opted for fried rice, pandesal and more.

Then I regained my bulges and now started having smoothies again in the morning, brisk walking and eating lightly. It's gratifying to feel active.

Flat stomach? I think I'm getting there.

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Jona said...

Yummy! Hubby and I started to do jogging lately to lose the bulges too hehe :) been also making fruit shakes To beat the summer heat here in the Philippines. But I wonder if it helps in losing the bulge because the drink is icy cold?
That smoothie sure is inviting :)

joy said...

nice picture and I admire you for being consistent in walking and making smoothie!

JhAnEy said...

My tummy is also my problem right now and I want to bring back my old body. I'm planning to ride a bike in the morning (hopefully).