Dec 29, 2010

Mid-week get away

My husband and I will be going to Dijon,France. This will be my first time to visit the city so I'm quite excited. He is teasing me that we'll have a sumptuous feast of frog's legs and escargots. Mustard is what I had in mind.

Well, I have eaten frog a loooong time ago but the latter don't belong to my food vocabulary. Although, during my younger days I used to search for snails in the river with my cousins, eating them didn't really excite me. It would be cooked together with taro leaves (laing) and coconut milk but no one could encourage me to eat snails. Not even the delicious aroma which emanated from the kitchen.

My husband on the other hand loves them. He particularly likes Escargots de Bourgogne and that escargots vol-au-vent that I have seen in one of his recipe books looks really appetizing. But I don't think Dijon atmosphere can change my mind now. Promise, not even after a glass or two of kir. Wanna bet?

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michelle_ said...

love this post !
xx glisters and blisters

anney said...

One time lang ako nakakain ng frog nung elementary pa yata ako nun. Pero ngayun di ko na type kumain nun. May ginagataan kaming snails dito di ko alam kung anong klaseng snails yun. Basta nabibili sa palengke. Yun kumakain ako.

Mrs. Kolca said...

France? I wanna go there one day.
Frogs? My first time to eat them was in HK. Tasted like chicken. Not bad.
Escargots? Yes, cooked with laing. Sarap!

Hi there! Thanks for the visit. Happy New Year! :)

Ria said...

Enjoy your get-away :) I love, love France and will definitely go back there. The country is full of rich culture and sumptuous food - escargot included (but didn't eat it while there...hehehee. I chickened out;) )

Have fun and keep warm! The weather is really harsh lately.
Ria C

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Kim, USA said...

Hehehe escargot and other name in French sounds very classy, sa atin eh suso yan diba? I like frog legs but I also haven't tried escargot parang di ko din siya take. I had just learned that st peters fish is tilapia pala lol!! Hope to see pictures soon. Enjoy!

Mommy Liz said...

frog legs are good, kaso sa Pinas lang ako nakakain nyan, during my youth, kasi kami ang namimingwit, dito di pa ako naka kita, although the other day nakakit aako sa store. $4.99 a pound. what the? palaka, $5? di bale na lang, hehehe..

Dhemz said...

ayay! sounds exciting...hehhehee! sama!

eden said...

I haven't tried frog legs but na try ko yong suso cooked in coconut milk. My husband told me about escargots. I think I would like to try it if given a chance.

Enjoy your holiday and have a safe and happy trip in advance.

icedgurl said...

HoLiDay bLoGwAlKiNg HeRe... ChEcK mY SiTe Too... HaPpY NeW YeAr tO YoU aNd To YoUr FaMiLy! :]

Jona said...

i ate snails when i had a vacation in Bicol. sarap kaya, ginataan din :D enjoy your vacay in \paris!

Nortehanon said...

Your post made me remember happy memories of my childhood. It includes my siblings and I gathering snails from a "mini-pool" twice the size of a bath tub beside our house. You see, my father had dug the soil and covered the pit with acetate plastic(the ones we use to cover notebooks here). He made sure there were no holes. He put some small kuhol in it and we excitedly waited for the snails to grow.

Come weekends, he would allow us to gather the big snails and it would become a family bonding time. Afterwards, Nanay and Tatay would cook the snails either adobo or ginataan, depending on the children's request :)

Thanks for taking me back to one of my fun childhood memories.