Feb 12, 2011

My phone and I

My recent phone bill made me cringed all the way to the post office. I've kept asking myself how I managed to have phoned mindlessly, not thinking of the consequences. Unlike most people, my phone is not really my world. In fact my day doesn't revolve around it though I keep it in my bag whenever I go out. Having our land line is enough for me.

But it's handy to have one, just in case there's no phone booth around the corner or when I remember to phone someone just to say hello while in the tram. Eventually all these calls add up to one hefty sum and it's at the end of the month when this painful realization happens.

I sincerely promised myself to be more sensible about using my phone. Paying an enormous amount for my phone bill is the last thing I want to do at the end of the month.

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Iwi finds said...

baligtad tayo. we don't have landline kasi and we feel that we don't need one. we both have our cell phones.

ching said...

phone bills are always a prob.

Mom Daughter Style said...

this happened to me before so now i made my phone where i can't dial internationally.

Peter said...

Hi! When the kids were living at home I contemplated putting in a pay phone. No such luck there as none were available.

Phone Bill shocks are not so common these days here at home, as I can only talk for a minute or so, not so for my wife.

Perhaps you can explain to me how women, and some men, can talk for hours on end. Surely they must run out of things to say!

Take Care,

I-Love-Hate-America.Com said...

In our house in the US, we don't have a landline but we have cellphones. But we don't pay as much because we took AT&T rollover minutes family plan.
Why don't you check online for the lowest rates and inquire the provider about which plan best suits your needs.
Or maybe you need to take off and unsubscribe from extra add-ons like the ones you don't use such as call-waiting, international calls, insurance, etc. I eliminated all of them because if you don't even if you don't use them , they're going to charge you anyway....so study your bill and determine which features you are using and not using and call your provider to unsubscribe you from those features you don't use.

Kim, USA said...

That's why I used prepaid phone. We have a home phone and hubby has his cellphone. And if I am going to a store or driving alone or roaming around the mall that's when I turn on my prepaid phone. Been there than that and I don't want to be shocked again lol!!

Nonoy said...

Me too I'm not really dependent of my cellphone. The funny thing is since I started blogging too seldom I use my cellphone. I only bring when I go out, and inevitable only use it when someone calls me or text me, and call or reply them back. When I try to use it, I can't remember how to use it anymore. hehe