Apr 21, 2011

Beauty amidst the chaos

Sorting out our things is a never-ending quest of mine. I thought that buying second hand would not only mean spending less but also non-accumulation of unnecessary stuff. Wrong. We still have so many things in the house that needs to be organized. The frontyard is the witness to that.(We are sorting out a cabinet)Our bedroom serves as a temporary cellar coz the real one is filled with so much stuff that just looking at the makes me flinch with helplessness. Nevertheless, I still find something beautiful about the whole thing.

My only wish is to get my bedroom back!!

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anney said...

Ako din dami ko dapat i sort out. Ang room ko punong puno ng gamit nasa lapag na nga yung iba kasi ang mga cabinet puno na. lol!

Dunia Ibadah said...

I like your post, thanks for sharing knowledge and story, I hope you are happy, greetings from Indonesian bloggers.

nuts said...

goodluck! I, too have too many things to sort out inside the house.. :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Our 2 spare bedrooms are slowly converting into storage rooms too!

I think it´s time for us to a serious spring cleaning. ;)

""rare*jonRez"" said...

thanks for dropping by my page! :)

Emzkie said...

if you got kids.. its just impossible to organize. they keep on messing it up! lol. i like the photos u took. very artistic. =)
can we exchange links?

here are my blogs

A SAHM Reviews.net
Just Between U and Us

geram said...

Like ur post..nice!!

Dmarie said...

you have made something beautiful with your collage...love all the color! perfect antidote to the mostly gray skies we're looking at here.

Betchai said...

indeed, you have shown us beauty in the chaos. i too have to arrange some stuff or de-clutter some rooms in our home, I hope you get your bedroom back.

ged carpizo said...

Happy Earth Day, Mayet! :)
Sorting and declutting is really a challenge esp when lots of the things we keep have lots of sentimental value. Still, it's always good to do a little Spring cleaning no matter what time of year it is. :) And perhaps when you've sorted out the stuff no longer need you can maybe do a garage sale or donate them to charity. :)

Josiet said...

Love the photos!

helen said...

nice pics ate mayet! ang ganda!