Apr 28, 2011

Maricar Reyes bid goodbye!!

"Tell him, tell him I always loved him"
How with a simple line like this can an actress named Maricar Reyes made me cry buckets? Playing Samantha Imperial in the Imortal series of ABS-CBN, her character made her last appearance the other night. The way she said her last line was simply remarkable and so hearbreaking. Hat's off to one of my fave actresses.

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bbtoo said...

I love her. She is truly talented actress.

Gracey said...

I never watched Imortal but my boy friend do. haha so ironic! I love maricar reyes though.:D

Dhemz said...

ayay! not to fond of Imortal...love ko ang green rose...ehehehe!

Chie Wilks said...

She really is an awesome actress that can truly act gracefully unlike others plus she is simply beautiful! I so love her too although I am not an Imortal fun. Thanks for visiting The Three Chies

margaret said...

i so like her too! hi, first time here ( : keep writing. xo!

Hazel said...

actually she's a great actress and i only started noticing that in imortal (though i'm not an avid fan of the show)... she even portrayed her role better than angel locsin!!! haha

anney said...

Akala ko naman bid goodbye na sa showbiz. hehehe! Di ako masyado nakakapanood ng TV parati movies lang.