Apr 25, 2011


1983 Lebanon

Five families huddled in the basement of an eight- floor apartment building. Adults were scared, silently praying while children were crying. Sitting next to her older sister, a 23 year old Filipina stood abruptly and made her way at the center of the group, climbed up on a table and started to sing. Her voice penetrated the room, trying her best to conceal the noise in and outside. Then the children stopped crying. Everyone were all eyes on her, this made her sing louder and at the end of "Never,never!" applause was heard all over the room. In that instant the bombing was forgotten,the war that was ravaging the country seemed far-away.

No, her singing didn't create a miracle in Lebanon but somehow this lady managed to prevent the fear that was hovering in that basement cloud everyone's strength and spirit even for a day.

As the applause faded, she stepped down and smiled, thankful that her trembling knees didn't give her away.

Elsa is now working as a secretary in Hôpital de Beau-Séjour in Switzerland and still sings her fave song-"Never,never!"

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anney said...

Such a nice gesture at nakatulog sya mabawasan ang takot ng mga tao sa basement.

Betchai said...

this is a very inspiring story, thanks for sharing, "never never" indeed, give up hope despite it seems so dofficult.

Ebie said...

What a brave lady! She serves as an inspiration!

texaswithlove1982 said...

wow, salamat sis sa bisita! i really like the article!

Emzkie said...

wow that is so cool! fighter talaga ang mga pinay kahit saan.

Mama Mia said...

That was very brave of her! Very inspiring! I can tell from her smile that she is also a very positive lady.

Andrea said...

hi Mayet, am glad you found my site. You are now in Switzerland but your story was in Lebanon! Is this a personal experience or is she your friend. How nice of her to be that sensitive and resourceful to pacify those scared children!She is a hero too! May she be fully blessed.

One said...

This is really touching... Thanks for sharing.

A Woman's Note said...

kaka touch naman Yet..

carinamodella said...

a very courageous and inspiring woman

eden said...

She is such a brave lady. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

Mel Lee said...

That was so brave and very inspiring.. Thanks for sharing this.. It touched me.. She's truly a hero..

JO said...

what a beautiful story! thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog.

Ceedee said...

That is such a courageous act! I'm proud of her, whoever she is. I bet she gave the people in their hope. :)

Anonymous said...

She is really a great person....I love you Ninang1