May 20, 2012

An inexpensive flower arrangement

These days I'm into anything cheap. I recycle,buy second hand and bank on Mother Nature's gift.

Now that it's spring, I long to have a nice and inexpensive flower arrangement in the house. I know that flower shops have so many varieties to sell, from potted kind to arranged ones but they are not that cheap. Therefore here's my take on an inexpensive flower arrangement.

flowers--elderflower from our garden
greens--fern/sage from our garden
the vase--old cheez whiz/shrimp paste jar from the Phils.

Who wouldn't want those lovely flowers bought from the shop. I like to see them beautifully displayed on my table. The thing is,they are costly and besides Mother Nature has freebies. So get yours now!!

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joy said...

You are right mayet. Daming flowers na we can Get from nature this season. Springtime na rin pala sa inyo dyan. You are very creative too:)

anney said...

Lovely flower arrangement! Gumagamit din kami ng bote ng cheez wiz! hehe!

roffe said...

Flower is expensive in Norway too..