May 28, 2012


Come walk with me. Let's enjoy the sun. Don't put your headphone on, instead listen to your surrounding,to the children laughing, to the rustling leaves. Look up and see how beautiful the sky is. Can you see that bird, or how about that tree. Let's stop for a while and watch the boys play football.

A spaniel or a hound dog?

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With our hectic schedule we are always in a hurry, sometimes not even taking notice of the weather, the people around us and the nature. We block our senses with nonessential and in doing so miss little things that are important.
Hence,today let's simply enjoy our time together and feed our senses with Mother Nature's gift.

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....and I need a new pair of shoes!!!


joy said...

Inspirational advice mayet:)

thomas said...

This tree does look like a dog.

Michael said...

The first picture kinda made me remember the movie Edward Scissorhands. Have a great week! :D

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

it does look like a dog, a giant dog that is haha

Louie B. said...

A rustling of leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution... remember this mare? Btw, u'r right, the tree looks like a cocker spaniel. :)
Miss you...