May 22, 2012

Travelling with toddlers

Three hours of train ride could be a bit long for our toddlers and sometimes a challenging moment for us. Now that we have more or less honed our skill in traveling with toddlers, we are able to anticipate their changing moods and needs. Plus we time our trip just before their nap.

It's always exciting for them when the train starts to move. They can be fascinated by the scenery so we don't let them watch a film right away. We play where's the cow/horse game,propose them a book,crayons/coloring book or even tell a story using the travel magazine.
So here is my list that saves our sanity.

which go to my backpack
  • dvd player and a set of films
  • 3 diapers
  • wet tissues
  • change of clothing for both toddlers
  • first-aid kit
child's valise
  • crayons and coloring books
  • thin book
snack bag
  • snacks--lots of them
  • water
  • wet tissues
  • cloth napkin

Aside from my backpack which also holds some personal things, a child's valise with her stuff/clothes and the snack bag, my husband carries a Lowe Alpine backpack with two adults' and my youngest's clothes/stuff.

Reaching our destination with no hassle can be a good sign, but traveling with toddlers is full of unexpected event. For me the most important thing is we're learning as parents. That's gratifying enough.

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Michael said...

Sounds like fun! And I like the fact that you do seem ready for "everything." Haha.

Have a great day Ms. Mayet. ☺

Marco | The Soul Explorer said...


thomas said...

It's interesting when travelling with children and places to be visited need to be of their interest too.

Rovie said...

It's really hard to travel with toddlers but fun and yes, a learning experience...

Thanks for the visit Sis...

mhie @ Travelentz said...

I agree with you, traveling with kids is always a challenge you never know what is there mood.

Superchikk said...

Thanks for the reminder about coloring books! We'll be traveling soon and Caedmon will like that!

lina@happy family said...

Great travelling tips :)
Very well prepared, Mayet.