Apr 23, 2011


My girls are ready for it,but I don't think it'll come anytime soon and they are predicting drought here.

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The Pepperrific Life said...

Cute boots :)

Diamond R said...

ready for the rainy seasons.

Emzkie said...

those are so cute! its raining here like cats and dogs.

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GraceyPets said...

Wow! Those boots are cute! It's better to be ready than regret later. He he He

Mama Mia said...

Drought? In Switzerland? I never knew such thing can happen over there. *Sigh!* What's happening to our planet? :(

NovaS said...

you guys should move here, we have too much for spring... rain there and here...sometimes we just don't like it anymore...

anney said...

Those are cute! Nakabili din ako rain boots for my niece.

Hazel said...

awww cute :)

mars said...

are those plueys?

Ola said...

I also prepared my boots, never used them this spring so far:)