May 29, 2012


At an early age I was exposed to gardening, thanks to my grandfathers and my parents.I remember my Mother giving the schedule for watering the plants. But it wasn't my favorite after school activity. I would drag my feet just to go around our garden and prayed that my turn to do it would soon end. This chore was something we could not avoid.

Without realizing it, my love for gardening was slowly taking place. This is something I cannot stay away from and presently, it's slowly unfolding.

Little Miss Sunshine preparing her container garden.

Therefore, I want my daughters to learn gardening. To experience at an early age the love for plants and growing something just like I did. And she's excited. We visit her container garden every morning. She'd tell her youngest sister to be careful with the pots,etc...and she'd water my kalamansi.

I see my old folks' legacy in her.

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Balut said...

so now you have a "little gardener" :) "container garden" seems like a good idea for an city dweller like me!

joy said...

I am sure you have a beatiiful garden. Patikim ng bunga:)

Light said...

hi there Mayet it's me again "Balut".

talking about my "run" - thought u might wanna know, this is my other self :)))

carinamodella said...

i'm sure your daughter will grow up as plant lover like you...thanks for visiting :)

Yen said...

I wish I have my own garden too plant. :) cute daughter at an early age she is helping mommy on the gardening.

JhAnEy said...

Oh! I love kids who love gardening. =) I have 3 sunflower plants and one of them is starting to have a flower.

anney said...

Naalala ko ang una kong naitanim nung bata pa ako e monggo! Tuwang tuwa ako nung maging toge lol!

Mona said...

As much as i want to do gardening but parang ayaw sa akin ng plants, anyway, at early age marunong na daughters mo for sure they will love it.

John said...

How cute. Following your blog!

chubskulit said...

It's nice when they come to love gardening at an early age, mine always helps me when I do gardening.