Mar 21, 2011


Goodness, I didn't realize it has been 3 weeks since my last post. I have been busy lately. There was our week-long vacation then things got really hectic for me. I thought of writing but I always put it off thinking that there's still time. But hey, time waits for no one and I'm no exception. I thought I could just go on with my day and things will be just fine. It's not... because there are still more important matters to attend to rather than do nonsense stuff. I should learn by now. No more excuses coz time is so precious.
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kayni said...

Glad to read you're back. How was your vacation? Can't wait to see some pics :).

PS. I tried adding your link to my blog roll (a few weeks ago), but somehow after adding your link, then clicking it, it takes me to a weird site. Just wanted to let you know.

kayni said...

Follow up: This is the site where it takes me:

Somehow I can't add your link because it takes to that site.

carinamodella said...

time is really precious. when you are focused into something, a day just passed by without even noticing it.

lina@happy family said...

Hi Mayet, enjoy your time :)

Mel Lee said...

sometimes i also dont realize thats its been forever since my last post.. but its all due to my procastination and laziness.. lol hmmm we just have to learn how to value time like lets not waste it on crap which is kinda hard sometimes.. lol

i love the pictures..

between 7 and 9 said...

Hi Mayet, I hope this week slows down just a little for you to catch up with what you'd like to do!

Hazel said...

sometimes it's nice to take a breather and go away from the net ;)

Dressing Up For Me said...

I´ve been posting sporadically too these past few days because of something important that came up. Glad that you´re back and yes, that waterfall cardigan is a great tummy cover! ;)

Mona said...

Just enjoy your time .. thanks for the visit.